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  • Magnetic order in a two-dimensional molecular chessboard
    Achieving magnetic order in low-dimensional systems consisting of only one or two dimensions has been a research goal for some time. Researchers now show that magnetic order can be created in a two-dimensional chessboard lattice consisting of organometallic molecules that are only one atomic layer thick.
  • Nanophysics: Saving energy with a spot of silver
    Tomorrow’s computers will run on light, and gold nanoparticle chains show much promise as light conductors. Now scientists have demonstrated how tiny spots of silver could markedly reduce energy consumption in light-based computation.
  • Using graphene to create quantum bits
    In the race to produce a quantum computer, a number of projects are seeking a way to create quantum bits -- or qubits -- that are stable, meaning they are not much affected by changes in their environment. This normally needs highly nonlinear non-dissipative elements capable of functioning at very low temperatures.