The prospect that advancements in quantum information science will lead to the creation of quantum technologies and allow a better understanding of fundamental physics first motivated the creation of DynamicQuant. DynamicQuant aims to expedite research progress in quantum information science by connecting researchers on a single platform to discuss ideas and problems, leading to collaborative research endeavours.

Apart from achieving it's intended objective, DynamicQuant also acts as a repository of general-purpose information for use by researchers and by the general public - this includes the QUROPE's QICS (Quantum Information Classification Scheme) and the Los Alamos National Laboratory Roadmaps for Quantum Computation and Quantum Cryptography.

The DynamicQuant discussion forum is organized so that discussions are carried out in each subtopic of the 5 main branches of quantum information science and technology as outlined in the QUROPE's QICS. Further, the site is designed for researchers to mainly discuss problems whose solutions require insights and techniques that are yet to be developed. Through high-level discussion of such problems and other ideas in quantum information science, researchers can identify other researchers who may have the expertise, techniques or insight to solve them collaboratively. The researchers may then opt to take further, more personal discussions to collaborate away from the forum through social media, social applications, Skype, e-mail, phone or face-to-face meetings.




DynamicQuant is still in beta. Any suggestions to improve the concept of the site is welcome.