DynamicQuant is a platform built for researchers in quantum information to discuss ideas. All postings are thus expected to contribute to the further discussion of ideas in quantum information.


Forum discussion

1. Researchers must understand that all information disclosed during discussions is at their own discretions and that they must protect their own ideas from being compromised.

2. Any postings deemed as non-constructive (for example, use of unclear language or postings unrelated to quantum information science research) by the admin or DynamicQuant-appointed moderators may be suspended or deleted.

3. At the discretion of the moderators and the admin, multiple such low-quality postings may receive warnings and the user may be banned from the forums.


Authenticity of each researcher

1. It is strongly encouraged of all participants to list down basic information allowing others to identify them as authentic, working researchers in quantum information. Otherwise, the participant may be at risk of having no credibility amongst other researchers for discussion of ideas. The profile of each researcher is expected to have the following:

i) Full name

ii) Public email address

iii) Researcher profile on an authorized portal (e.g. a researcher's profile from an institution's site, Google+ profile, ResearchGate profile etc.)

iv) Profile picture if any

2. In the future, DynamicQuant may make the email on each registered profile unchangeable. If this is implemented, then the email on the public profile of each user is certain to have been used to authenticate that user during registration. The identity of each researcher can thus be confirmed through his or her email.