The QICS (Quantum Information Classification Scheme) details the various related research areas in quantum information science as outlined here, from the QUROPE (Quantum Information Processing and Communication in Europe) website. The various subdivisions as outlined from this source are as follows:


Quantum Information Science


Quantum Computation


Quantum Communication


Quantum Networks


Quantum Technologies 











41.05.+l Quantum limits

41.10.+p Quantum enhanced measurements

41.20.+c Quantum clock synchronization

41.30.+i Quantum imaging

41.40.+s Precision spectroscopy via entangled states

41.50.+n Nanomechanical sensors

41.60.+s Single electron spin measurements

41.70.+a Aligning reference frames

41.80.+c Absolute calibration of detectors

41.90.+n New sensor technologies

41.95.+m Quantum magnetometry