1. DynamicQuant is a discussion platform built specifically for researchers in quantum information science. All postings are thus only expected to contribute to the further discussion of ideas in this field.


Forum discussion

1. Researchers must understand that all information disclosed during discussion is done at their own discretion and that they should refrain from disclosing unpublished research-based ideas to prevent compromise.


2. Any postings deemed as non-constructive (for example, the use of ambiguous language or any postings unrelated to quantum information science research) by the administrator or future DynamicQuant-appointed moderators may be suspended or deleted.


3. At the discretion of the administrators and moderators, multiple such low-quality postings may receive warnings and the user may be banned from the forums.



1. DynamicQuant targets problems whose solutions require techniques which are yet to be developed. Once a researcher has identified a potential collaborator through discussion, he or she may share contact details through private messaging.


2. Each researcher may subsequently authenticate the identity of his or her potential collaborator through e-mail, phone, social media, social applications, Skype, face-to-face meetings at conferences etc. Collaborative research follows.